Hosted by d Lee, Mighty Gems is a radio show shining a spotlight on the everyday jewels hidden in the world around us.

MightyGemsFinal-300x119aThese Mighty Gems find the extraordinary in the ordinary – good deeds, special people and unique perspectives that we often take for granted. These sparkling jewels of life are found in stories that reflect the best of humanity, in Nature and wherever we direct our attention. These truly magical elements actually make life worth living – and yet, they may get lost in the hype of current events. By shifting and expanding perception, there is always a way to find and mine these innocuous Mighty Gems.

mightygems-banner-new logoThis show illuminates the magic in the mundane. Just as sparkles from a prism delight the viewer, these Mighty Gems have the power to lift your heart, expand your mind and tickle your fancy. Mining for treasure in the everyday world yields the magnificent — the true joys of life.

By spotlighting these everyday jewels as the Mighty Gems they are, we learn to see them – and that is the real treasure.

Mighty Gems airs weekly on Voice America Internet Radio as part of their Empowerment Channel at The show airs each Friday at 2:00 pm PST / 5:00 pm EST.