• high meadow flowers

    Radiant Gift

    “It takes just a moment to receive a radiant gift freely shared when you slow down your pace enough to be there.” ~dLee
  • reflections

    How to Learn Wisdom

  • Fence Bouquet

    On the Fence

    “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mohandas Gandhi
  • paws and muse

    Jessie Paws

    Paws and Muse:”Each one of us has our own perspective on everything we see in life.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie
  • tunnel

    Light In The Fog

    Somewhere in the distance Through the path in the fog We can see the light It might only seem like a ball It may not seem very big It may not be [...]
  • majestic tree

    A Trunk Of Many Stories

    Take a moment and look around There stands a majestic tree Sit quietly still and tall Listen intently and breathe Totally ground With the [...]
  • hanging out in the green 2

    Just Hanging Out In The Green

    Likely you quickly pass on by On your way through your list of to-do Grind, grind, grind Take a moment for a shifting focus change Open your [...]
  • letting go

    To Grow … Let Go

    To Grow Learn to let go Whatever it is Bless and release Freely back into the flow Watch colors ignite and expand Dancing to the light And in its [...]
  • love1

    Dramatic Love

    Against the reddening sky Of departing evening light Stands a mighty bold expression Letters silently marching in line A surprising discovery to [...]