Radiant Gift

“It takes just a moment to receive a radiant gift freely shared when you slow down your pace enough to be there.” ~dLee


“To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.” ~ Franka Potente You are valuable. Give yourself the gift of time to pause, reflect and refresh. One insight, One choice, One Action at a time. Most humans today live a “normal” life existence in a daily state of being overwhelmed. There are…

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Light In The Fog

Somewhere in the distance Through the path in the fog We can see the light It might only seem like a ball It may not seem very big It may not be very bright We hear a sound like a call It is a call for the light We long to know We long to…

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A Trunk Of Many Stories

Take a moment and look around There stands a majestic tree Sit quietly still and tall Listen intently and breathe Totally ground With the abundant natural scene Connect with your inner sense As you open to receive An abundant flow of feeling With curiosity and wonder Bless this amazing rooted being This is a silent…

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Likely you quickly pass on by On your way through your list of to-do Grind, grind, grind Take a moment for a shifting focus change Open your sight for a colorful surprise In a simple natural scene A bit of floral expression and sharing Without any hesitation Splashed against a background of green Breathe in…

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To Grow … Let Go

To Grow Learn to let go Whatever it is Bless and release Freely back into the flow Watch colors ignite and expand Dancing to the light And in its place Invite Abundance To fill this space Fully sharing love and Compassion all around. c 2015 d Lee