What Do You Need To Know About A Muser?

I am a lifelong ‘Muser’.  A great deal of my life has been spent spinning life happenings into positivity.

Starting at a very early age, I thought a little different from everyone else – I wrote poetry, played with words and numbers and liked math. It seemed that I was always going ‘beneath’ the surface of events to tap into the inspiration available in them for greater happiness and joy.

I’ve always looked on the bright side and used that as a way to stay open to life’s experiences. It’s not easy to do that as a kid – I heard “Pollyanna” a lot – but now people tell me it’s a sign of enlightenment.  I do know that life is about feeling good, taking inspired action and living larger than you might imagine through creativity but also being grounded in foundational concepts.

Now I spend my days balancing creative inspiration with the practical side of running a small business, spending precious time with family (humans and furry friends), while following my passions and expanding ingenuity as a way of life.

Here is one of my favorite quotes that sums up about musing:

“The hardest thing to find in life is balance-especially the more success you have, the more you look to the other side of the gate. What do I need to stay grounded, in touch, in love, connected, emotionally balanced? Look within yourself.” ~ Celine Dion

The World of Possibilities

Everything in the world exists to be a joyful expression of something much larger than we can comprehend here.

Sometimes what seems obvious is not the truth. The reason is that we need to stop and consider – to muse – beyond the superficial in order to distill the essence of life into our being.

Beauty really is defined by the eye that sees it. And when you look deeply enough, there is beauty in everything and everyone.

We are the manifestation of stars! When you really ‘get’ that, your life will expand to new heights on a regular basis.

Whatever we want is literally within our reach in every moment – gratitude is the key that makes it happen.

It’s important to feel fulfilled by living life on a daily basis. We get barraged by negativity (through media, other people and our own self-talk) so it’s important to counteract that by recognizing that having a fulfilling life is a choice. We need to do what it takes to make that mind switch and then support it. (Hence why I put this site together.) : )

Each of us is here to grow. The way we grow is a personal decision. However, the outcome is always a reflection of the beliefs we hold most true. What you are creating is a reflection of what you truly believe about yourself. You hold the power for your best life in your imagination, actions and perceptions.

My Professional Background

For more than a decade, I have helped business owners keep their financials organized, co-authored several books, and created printed and digital products. It is really about the joy of sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have gained, both as an entrepreneur and personally, with everyone whose life I am honored to touch.

With my ‘Muser’ voice, I have been published in chapters of collaboration books, such as the series Wake Up, Live the Life You Love and The Grace and Gratitude Book. My insights and poetry have been shared as self-published books as well.

From this experience, I introduced a radio show called Mighty Gems: Spotlighting Everyday Jewels to remind listeners of the extraordinary in everyday living.

“…she is highly creative, intuitive, and grounded in business concepts.”  ~ Margaret Tanner

Be More Present


Essence of Authentic Presence is all about taking a moment from the pace of regular life to enjoy what’s real and truly meaningful… to help you be more present.


Within presence is natural appreciation for what is, including gratitude and a way to re-center yourself. By aligning with the essence of natural presence, you access your own authentic essence.


Images are the most powerful way to evoke this ‘remembering’ of your connection to something greater, something wilder and fresh, something that reaches beyond everyday life to tap into your essential nature.


See my photos at EssenceOfAuthenticPresence.com to help you tap into your own presence.