Musing Invites Insight

Expand your world with flashes of insight that come from contemplation, reflection and sharing stories.

Being In The Flow

Life is dynamic and ever-changing. Following your flow allows your life to unfold with less stress and more happiness.

Share Humanity

We are all here having a fascinating experience. By sharing stories, we remind ourselves of our real purpose - to connect.

Expand Your Possibilities: Consider This Your Invitation To Muse, Contribute And Enjoy Your Life More!

The Muser Membership is a free online community and learning system designed for anyone looking to live a fuller life – especially if you are a stealth creative, entering a new life phase and/or ready to see the world with fresh eyes! Here you can expand your mind, create new possibilities and give yourself permission to play more – while making new friends too!

  • In just minutes, you can be inspired for your creativity, wisdom and imagination.

  • Connect with the real meaning of life through contemplation to feel more joy and inner peace.

  • Create new happiness with support from like-spirited Musers from around the world!

There’s no need for you to spend hours looking for inspiration –
become a Muser, share your gifts and be part of the ‘best of the best’ curated content from around the web!

Latest Musings:

  • high meadow flowers

    Radiant Gift

    “It takes just a moment to receive a radiant gift freely shared when you slow down your pace enough to be there.” ~dLee
  • reflections

    How to Learn Wisdom

  • Fence Bouquet

    On the Fence

    “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mohandas Gandhi
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To stir your soul and step into new clarity to live your biggest life, you must know yourself and dare the unknown. It’s a lot easier to be 8 feet tall and bullet-proof in trying new things when you have back-up!